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Sacred Weavers Artisan 
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We have curated very special boxes packed with hand made textiles and sipping chocolate!
We have crafted different roles for you to increase our level of impact.

​Earth Weavers Sipping Chocolate Kit

  • 1 bag of artisanal organic sipping chocolate
  • 1 hand-carved wooden chocolate spoon
  • 1 hand-carved wooden cacao frother tool
  • 1 sipping spice pack
  • 1 Surprise cacao product

Price: $​89

Basic Sipping Kit + Add Ons

Purchase an Individual Artisanal Item

1 Sipping chocolate drink powder blend (Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate)


 1 shawl

Artisanal Single Items

The Sacred Story Weavers Collective

Our journey begins in the villages surrounding San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, the homes of various indigenous lineages including the Tzotzil and Tzeltal, who have preserved their traditional ways of living, cultivating, and crafting.

While Chiapas is one of the culturally richest states of Mexico, it is one of the financially poorest in the country. By working directly with Artisan families, purchasing then selling their goods at a fair price, we collectively appreciate their talent and sacredness, while improving their quality of life.

Sacred Story Weavers Collective comes together to:


Share individual life stories of artisans

Focus lens into the diversity of unknown communities

Create a Collective space to encourage linguistic diversity


Create a comfortable and supportive environment for learning and collaboration

Provide educational opportunities for the artisan community

Empower through building financial literacy


Reveal the meaning behind the art

Enrich the global thread of communication

Create a trading partnership built on equity, respect, and appreciation

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There are a few different way to get involved with the Sacred Weavers Movement!

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