Sacred Story Weavers

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Sacred Weavers Collective is a social impact project to uplift indigenous communities, starting in Mexico.

In Chiapas Mexico one of the culturally riches areas of Mexico yet one of the economically poorest where many struggle to get their basic needs met, and deal with unexpected events, such as earth quakes and land displacements, on a continual basis.

By offering them a consistent and farely traded channel to sell their products, while also offering ongoing life quality improvement and financial literacy workshops.

We need your support to make this project sustainable.   

This is a new project and have a list of items we need to establish a strong foundation in 2019, for lasting financial empowerment.  

These are the ways you can uplift us in creating immediate change in the lives of many artisan families from the Chiapas highland villages, home of over 5 indigenous ethnicities including Tztozil, Tzeltal, Ch'ol and Mayan. 

We are growing a foundational fund for the Sacred Weavers Project. 

Help us to weave a solid foundation to sustainably sell our artisans goods, build an online presence and conect them to our global community! .

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How the Sacred Weavers began

Thank you for taking the time to connect with us!  

My name is Valerie Karla. I have been walking a shamanic path through healings and ceremonies since 2012. Last year was an incredible year of shifts accompanied by a desire to serve a higher purpose. This calling brought me back to my country of origin, Mexico, where I have always had a loving connection and soul urge to uplift the indigenous communities.  I followed this loving call to San Cristobal, a small city in Chiapas, Mexico.

 I immediately saw a gap between the way the People express themselves in beauty through their connection and ways to treat mother earth through the Artisanal goods that they create, and the lingering strife that they live on a daily basis from centuries of marginalization, often times struggling to get their basic needs met for themselves and their families.  Needs like food, safety and security, clothing, shelter, and time to rest.

What followed was a spark which illuminated my vision to create the Sacred Weaver's project.

What is the Sacred Weavers Movement

A social impact project serving the indigenous communities surrounding San Cristobal, where the Tzotzil, Tzeltal, Mayan, and Ch'ol people reside where we effort to uplift them to improve their quality of life and conserve their original ways of living

Sacred Weavers uplifts the Indigenous communities whose primary source of living comes from growing their cacao (where chocolate comes from), hand woven and handmade artisanal goods, and coffee. Since their commercial outlets are limited, they often struggle to sell enough to support themselves and their families in meaningful ways.

We strive to uplift these communities by providing a conscious, fair trade channel for them to sell their goods and bring awareness of their lives to the rest of the world.  

We believe that we are all One human family and it is up to us to create a global community that walks in oneness towards unity.  Where we are able to exchange our cultures, wisdom, and goods and by doing this, uplift humanity so that we can all live in fair, abundant conditions.  

Reweave the Tapestry of Oneness

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