Our Intention and Mission

Welcome to the Laviah Spirititual Arts School.

The Laviah Spiritual Arts School’s mission is to reweave ancient spiritual practices into the modern world. Our intention is to create this connection through teaching you the Ways to healing yourself and bring forth your spiritual gifts and purpose.  If you have the calling to create a daily sacred practice, find your greater purpose, or get the training that you need to serve as a shaman, energy healer, or in divination, we have the classes and courses for you! In this community, we are passionate about what we do, and take pleasure in serving through sacred practice and teachings.  Therefore, instead of calling ourselves lightworkers, we have been dubbed, lightweavers-a fresher way of working the Light in!

We suggest that you start your journey by taking a couple of the foundations classes or journey meditations.  Then, when you have more clarity, you can get a more in-depth training to answer the calling of your soul to remember your essence through spiritual service.  We feel it is important to honor our ancestors ancient healing and spiritual practices, while understanding how they integrate in the modern world.   We specialize in Shamanism, Usui Reiki, our signature Laviahn Energy Healing, and Psychic + Spiritual Development.  All of which you can take to craft your own spiritual practice as a career or enrich what you are already doing.

We have ongoing online classes and intensive trainings, and a few classes and training retreats, in person, in South Florida and Mexico throughout the year, with some of the most experienced and illuminating healers and mystics!!  So, please take a look, and let us know if you have any questions!

Our diverse community holds a common vision toward the collective cause of oneness and unity. We are full of unconditional love, authenticity, integrity, and ready to grow and weave light with you!!!


About Valerie Schultz-Gonzalez,
Founder and Lead Teacher

I am beyond grateful that you are here!!!  We are in a very brilliant time in our Earth’s story, where the fifth dimensional light is full, calling us to awaken our spiritual gifts and serve our greater purpose on the planet.  I created Laviah Spiritual Arts School to guide Lightweavers, like you, to work with the skills and tools you need to come into your full spiritual power and potential.  You are greatly needed on the planet and we are grateful that you came here to cultivate your soul, healing and psychic gifts!

A little more about my path

I have created the classes with the sacred teachings I have learned from my Mexican and Lebanese Grandmothers, and other Masters I have been fortunate to learn with along the way.  Growing up, I spent all my summers living in my Lebanese grandmother and Mexican grandfather’s home in Mexico City.  During these times, my grandmother would take time with me to teach the sacred ways that were passed down to her, from her family.  She taught me the energetics of the body, how to develop my psychic power, and work with herbs and prayer.  I was also taken care of by my great grandmother who was a Mexican Spiritualist Healer (aka Curandera), who was a leader of the Spiritualist movement in Mexico, where she did many healings and shared spirit messages with thousands of people.  I already knew that spirituality and healing would be my greater purpose growing up, but I did not know how it was going to unfold…  so after receiving my B/A in cultural Anthropology, my free adventurous spirit took me to Mali, West Africa where I lived in a small village as a Peace Corps volunteer.  The village shaman quickly saw my “star” (as the Animist Shamans call the sign on people that have spiritual strength), on me, and took me under his wing. I spent many days understanding the Baobab tree, and reading the stars at night….

After that, I went through a deep healing process (as we all must to be in integrity with our spiritual gifts), and lived between Mexico and Colorado, where I studied with other relatives, mystics, and Reiki Masters.  I was blessed to learn Celtic Herbalism and Tibetan vibrational healing traditions, Mayan Ways, and of course, became a Yoga teacher.

I finally started my healing practice and natural skin care product line in 2012, when the end of the third dimensional era was on its way out, and the new light era was on the horizon.  A year or so into serving, my spiritual healing and guidance practice went full time, so I had to let go of the product line, and I taught more workshops and classes…

Many moons later, I got the calling to expand my work and create the Laviah Spiritual Arts School to serve a wider audience of people who are realizing their spiritual gifts, and are ready to serve in a greater way.

This is your time to shine, and we have all the tools you need to polish the gifts and essence that you came in to share with the world!!!  Again, I am grateful that you are here, and I cannot wait to grow light and magic with you in the classroom!!

What Does “Laviah,” (Pronounced luh-viy-uh) Symbolize?

Valerie was divinely guided to the name Laviah Spiritual Arts School, through a message from the guardian angel, Laviah, the revealer of divine discoveries. The essence of Laviah helps you to master your intuition so you can best navigate and understand the spiritual and physical world. She helps heal and transform past experiences into lightness. Laviah Spiritual Arts School honors her, as we guide you to awaken your gifts, understand your purpose and work with Earth and Spirit to weave light into the world, in a way that only you can