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A message from Valerie Schultz-Gonzalez


This is your time to shine and share your gifts with the world!! Everyone comes onto the planet with a divine purpose and mission that is meant to be shared in their own essence and way! We are in a dynamic time of transformation, healing, and growth on the planet, and your service is greatly needed! You make up a significant part of the greater plan of bringing everything back into the Light of Truth, and Oneness! I created The Laviah Spiritual Arts School to teach Light Weavers, like yourself the skills and tools you need to do just that! I have developed these classes and courses in a way that honors their ancient spiritual ways, with an understanding of their place in the modern world. The classes are developed to bring clarity and awakening to your intuitive voice, and bring forth the gifts that you are here to share! We are here to guide you to bring you everything you need to develop a strong spiritual practice and fulfill your mission in a soulful, divinely aligned career! Welcome, and I can’t wait to cultivate more light with you in the classroom!!!

With Love and Gratitude,
Valerie Schultz-Gonzalez
Founder, Shaman Teacher + Guide


Daniela Garcia

Joy Alchemist and Transformation Artist
I am in awe with the energy and wisdom that you have gifted me. I never dreamed I was going to be this way, awakened, skilled, and strengthened. Now I know the why behind my seeking. I have gained so much by learning with you, thank you! Wow. I love you

Ana Hanssen

Writer, Energy Healer and Sacred Space Designer
Valerie has helped me unveiled my spiritual and healing gifts. She attuned me for reiki 2 and taught me how to clear spaces. I can say that her class was a wonderful experience. She explained everything in a clear way, using examples from her own experience as a shaman. Being in her presence is a very powerful experience, her energy expands and you can feel it working through you. She has helped me connect with my angels and trust in my own healing powers.She is a never ending source of spiritual knowledge and I am very grateful to have crossed paths with her.

Welcome Message + Light Activation Express Session

"Together, our light will re-weave the tapestry of oneness, and bring more healing and peace onto the planet."


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